Please look and visit , it is under a transformation/ construction....Praise GOD..
I am so glad that you stop by, I am always willing to write, motivate and inspire. In our world " dem kidz" need to know they are loved. I am a living witness that change is possible. God has given me the gift of Mentorship. God has place at my hands and heart the Gift of Writing.
I write about everything. I can assist you with your  . I can be reached at the numbers and email below. Please never hesitate to email me or call me.
God has completely changed my life, I can share that with you or just think of me as someone to talk to.
Writing is my passion, however the community is my business ! I am readily available for writing projects, community resource information and speaking with our youth. Thanks for visiting www.writetamz.com
                                        (904) 451-5707
                                email: writetamz@gmail.com
                     Trust God....Be Peaceful and Seek Peace !
                                             Tammy Z. Seymour 



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